How I Made $100k From Writing

It was a lot easier than you might think.

Matt Lillywhite
3 min readMar 7, 2022


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Growing up, I always knew that I was going to be successful.

I earned six figures in passive income before the age of twelve. I also sold lemonade at the finish line of the Boston marathon each year. If there was an opportunity to make money, I would seize it.

Anyway, I recently made $100,000 from my blog’s fanbase in 24 hours. Of course, it was pretty difficult. But then again, I accomplished something that many people said was impossible.

Here‘s a breakdown of how I did it:

I Learned A Secret Formula To Get Rich Quick

Let me start by making a confession: I’m not an expert in anything.

Like many internet gurus, I live in my dad’s basement and spend most of my time watching mind-numbing YouTube videos. Also, whenever I go outside, I hiss at sunlight like a vampire because it’s too bright. As you can tell, I don’t leave the house much.

Anyway, I learned a secret formula that many internet gurus use to get rich quickly. They copy and paste cliche advice from the internet and charge $997 for advice you could find with a quick Google search.



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