How I Make $50k Per Month Online

It’s really easy to make money on the internet

Matt Lillywhite
3 min readMar 5, 2022


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As a highly successful person with millions of YouTube subscribers, I know how to get rich quick.

When I upload a new video to my channel, I often receive several hundred thousand views in less than a day. I also collaborate with some of the biggest companies in the world on sponsorships and product placements.

But lately, I’ve been getting tired of the clickbait on social media about how influencers make money. People claim that we don’t have a real job and that we also don’t know what it’s like to live “in the real world.”

Let me tell you something…

I’m the perfect person to educate the masses because I’m rich AF. I make five figures per month and frequently hang out with billionaires on yachts in the Caribbean. So without further delay, here are several ways I make money online as a social media influencer:

I Promote Pump & Dump Schemes

Since lots of other social media influencers do it, I’m not the only person who takes advantage of my large following.

Some people might call me a sellout. However, I prefer to use the term “cashing in” on my followers to make more money.



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