Two Steps To Becoming Making A Million Dollars In One Year (Or Less)

Making a lot of money is easier than you think

Matt Lillywhite
2 min readApr 15, 2022
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There are thousands of articles on the internet discussing ways to get rich quick. Writers will say to start a side hustle and work 19 hours per day until you amass a net worth of a million dollars. But for the vast majority of people, that advice is completely unrealistic. Right?

That’s why I’m here to help you. I became a millionaire in less than a year by implementing two unconventional strategies. Hopefully, they will help you to become a millionaire, as well.

Learn How To Monetize Everything You Do

Most people work 40 hours per week and make no money while relaxing at home. They’ll switch on the TV, put their feet on the couch, and fall asleep while listening to the soothing sounds of Joe Biden narrating his own biography. It’s pure bliss.

But what if you could make money from home? Actually, let’s go one step further and imagine how awesome it would be to monetize everything you do. It would be incredible, right?

I know all of that is possible from personal experience. I have a 24-hour live stream of my mansion on Twitch. People can watch me cook, eat, and sing lullabies to my pet Tarantula.

In exchange for such incredible entertainment, I request a minimum donation of $250. And, of course, hundreds of people happily oblige.

Try To Learn Something New Every Day

In case you didn’t know, I’m a walking, talking, money-making machine.

Because I’ve optimized the learning process to be more efficient, I can become fluent in a foreign language in less than a week. That means I can hold business calls in 12 different languages and make money around the world.

I can also write a 700-page novel in approximately six hours. That skill allowed me to earn $250,000 on Amazon after purchasing a few thousand copies of my book to trick the algorithm into thinking it was popular.

I became a millionaire in less than a year by implementing the above strategies. Of course, making a lot of money might seem difficult. But I’ve done it. Which means you can, as well.

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Important Disclaimer: This article is a joke, fictional, and for entertainment purposes only. Please don’t take it seriously. Therefore, it should not be considered financial, business, or legal advice.